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To the ones I lost and the ones I got

Since I opened about my mental health, many things have changed with my social life, not like I had a big one but is different from months ago.

To those go used to hug me and say they love me , to those who used to say I could always count on you when I need it ( but the moment I did need you, you disappeared) to those who called themselves my friends and pretended to care about me but today are gone: Thank you, for showing me the real face of the world and how unfortunately you never know somebody completely, how so many times you believe they are your friends but they don’t even know what that means.

To those who many days acted like they would be there for me but today are not even able to call and ask how am I doing, to those who told me “ I’m here for you” but now that they know my mental health challenges haven’t talk to me since the day I opened up to the world: thank you, for leaving my life and giving space for better and real people, real friends

I will miss some moments I had with you and probably will still have to see you , but trust me, I wont ask you again for help, I wont reach out to you when I need someone to talk to, I wont believe when you say you love me or you are my friends, because you don’t even believe those words

I hope you never need a hug, I hope you never need somebody to talk so bad while you cry your eyes out, I hope you are never going through a depressive crisis and wish a friend would visit you or ask you to go out.
I hope you never feel the same way you made me feel.

To those who life gave me, those who appeared out of nowhere or out of the past, those who text me at night asking if I’m doing okay, asking me how am I feeling and if I’m having a good day, those who stay with me 6 hours in the phone talking until I’m ready to sleep, those who help me to breath through my panic attacks and promise me everything will be alright: THANK YOU. (Ale)

Thank you for giving me life , for giving me friendship, for helping me not to feel alone , thank you for giving me hope that there is people who cares about me in this world, That there is people that I can text or call and they will be there for me at least to tell me everything is okay

Thank you to the friend who cares because I feel loved, thank you to the one who doesn’t care too, because it makes me realize with who I should spend my time, thank you to the friend that ask how am I doing because I feel like I’m important, thank you to the one who ignored me when I reached out for help, because I made me stronger.

Thank you to the ones who left and the ones who arrived, because both of you, in your own way, made me who I am. I am better, I am capable, I have people who loves me and people who I do not need them to love me. And that is fine, I am fine.

mental health

Relationships and Mental Health

Romantic relationships can be complicated 🤔 specially if your couple is going through Mental Health Challenges and you don’t know what to do or what to say 🤷🏻‍♀️ In this video I tell you a few recommendations for you and your partner 🙏🏼 and this way you won’t allow that mental health affects your relationship and instead makes it stronger!!! 🍃

mental health

Cying Session

I haven’t been feeling good since Sunday, these week seems darker than the last ones, my anxiety is stronger and my fears more present, I have been really busy at work but I feel like I am being to slow, not being able to complete everything I have to do, letting my mind lose control and navigate through the day in my darkest thoughts.

I feel like a panic attack is forming inside of me, I am scared in any moment I will busted out crying, I will wake up screaming, I will start shaking, I will stop breathing.

It is like a snowball was building little by little inside of you, you know its there, you know it getting stronger and you can only hope when it shows up won’t hurt too much.

So, I reached out to my therapist and she asked me if I have taken time to cry…. The question seems weird, who takes time to cry. but she continues telling me the importance of having a crying session, of choosing a moment if needed to cry and let go what is hurting me in the inside. And then I realized, all these days I’ve been fighting the tears and fighting the pain, every time I feel like I’m going to start crying because I am scared I fight it, I stopped myself from doing it, and maybe I am clocking myself in the inside, I am holding more pain that what I should

Maybe I need to drain, I need to clean my soul from the anxiety that has torment me since the last time I cried. I just don’t want to go back to that day, the last day I cried after a panic attack, I cried at least 4 times in a day, I scratched my neck and my arms,  my head hurt, my body was weak, maybe I am just avoiding to cry because I don’t want to go back to that day… but also maybe, that day was necessary and helpful, a good cry as many would call it.

Do you have crying sessions? Do you think crying is necessary? I am scared but I am also tired, I feel like my body is filling up with feelings and soon or later I will have to take out everything that is not useful.

Who know, maybe a good cry is all I really need.

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Since the morning I feel weird, I’ve talked about this before, I don’t like Sundays

It’s like my mind knows exactly the day to make me feel extra anxious, I feel bad since the moment I open my eyes but I try to keep myself together

I like to go to the park with my dogs on Sundays, to make it better, usually we order food and lay in the couch all day

We do laundry and clean the house, nothing exciting

Sunday nights are the worst, my mind just gets stronger somehow and my body weaker at the same time

On Sundays I take melatonin and made myself some lemon and ginger tea before bed just so I can get some sleep

On Sundays I videocall my family every night and talk to them until I fall asleep

Are Sundays always going to be this blue? Am I always going to hate this day?

Like Matthew Perry Posted on his Instagram a few weeks ago:

Why is today specially hard?

mental health

3 Months Later

3 months ago, I was scared, I received an email that said I have been matched with a therapist, I was nervous to write to her or read her messages, I felt weak and defeated. Like I had lost the fight and needed help.

the truth is, I never lost the fight, I just needed some extra help in the battlefield.

3 months ago, I started therapy, I did not know much but I wanted to be heard and from that day until today it has not been one day since I feel alone again.

3 months ago, I learned I was not alone in the way I was feeling, that it was not wrong to feel the way I was feeling, I felt accepted, validated, and loved.

since that day I tried my best to get better ( and I am still trying) I followed many dreams I had and started new projects, I stopped talking to people who I thought they were my friends and connect with new wonderful people that bring happiness to my life.

since that day I am happier and better, I am not “cured”, and I do not think I will ever be. but I am better, and I know I can always be better.

I thank my family, my friends and most important, my therapist. I thank her for giving me the strength, the tools, and the exercises to feel better, to make me feel listened, to make me feel loved and to make me who I am today. I was not be able to do it without her.

so, to her. and all the therapist in the world, THANK YOU, because 3 months ago I never thought I would be the woman I am today, we need you and we appreciate you.

3 months ago, I Took the best decision of my life and I cannot wait for what is coming.

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Put it in the bowl – Bread Cake

I tried to make a recipe from my childhood and it didn’t come out pretty ☹️( but it is delicious 😋) here’s to link to my new video from the series PUT IT IN THE BOWL! Bread Cake! Because when you feel bad , food can always fix it!

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Friends And Mental Health

We all might have a friend that is going through some mental health challenges, that’s why on this video I tell you a few things you can do and CAN NOT do! For your friend’s mental health and for yours! We all need a good friend in this world! Let’s try to be the best one!

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Living Far From Home: My Experience and Tips ✈

Living far from home is never easy, I hope my experience and tips can help you with the transition and make it easier for you!
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Letter to my death

I learned you existed long ago but the fear came after , I understood that one day we leave this earth and I tried to comprehend where do we go, years later I still don’t know.

You took control over my mind, over my body and my feelings, took away from me the joy of sleeping, the happiness of a nice shower, the adventure of long car ride

You took away from me the normal afternoons laying in the couch, the dates with my boyfriend , the calls with my family

You have taken so much from me but I am still here to fight it back

Because I learned I can be stronger than you , I learned we can live together and coexist

That I can still have you in my mind but I can function and I can live

Dear death, I know you are there always behind me, behind my mind, my actions and my thoughts, but I also know I am in front of you, stronger and capable

Dead death , I know some days you’ll be stronger than me and find the way to break me down, but I also know I will find the way to step back up

Dear death, thank you for teaching me what I am capable of , for making me strong

Dear death, thank you for making me feel alive

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Mental Health During Quarantine: Taking Care Of Our Mind ❀

we are going through some hard times but there is still hope! here are some tips of what you can do for your mental health during this quarantine