mental health

Keeping your mind busy

The past days have been hard, all we see in the news are tragedies, the world is going into dark times and we can’t do anything about it, or at least thats what we think.

To deny the situation that we are living right now would be a big mistake, nature is giving back what we did to her for many years and it seems likes the good days are far from here. Every day we get a higher number of deaths from the virus, another plague, another eartquake, another tragedy.

It has been a long time since I went to bed calmly and not thinking about how the world is coming to an end, I was waking up scared thinking about what would be the new event, how many deaths would be today, how anxius would I be today.

But I realized time keeps moving even if I decide to sit and wait for everything to calm down, time won’t wait, life won’t wait.

I decided I needed to start living my life and reaching for my dreams before it was too late, as we can tell by the last days, you never know when is too late.

So I’ve been keeping myself busy, creating and working in new proyects, new activities and new goals, I want to keep my mind away of all the negativity that affects my days, I want to spend my days enjoying life instead of couting how many panic attacks I have per day.

I know days have been hard and darkness can be consuming you, but remember, it will be okay and we will be okay, find positivity in your surrenders, enjoy the spring that is starting, the baby animals that are being born, the flowers that are blooming, of course avoid the awful pollen.

We might be living hard times, but we can always get a bit of sunshine If we look for it.

Art: Amanda Oleander

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